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Water damage is considered one of the most destructive substance in an indoor environment. The damage varies depending on what the water had contact with. Overall, excessive moisture in your personal or commercial space can cause your property to rapidly deteriorate and pose serious damage.

Just like fire but in liquid form, water can damage one’s property within 24-48 hours. Unfortunately, water can destroy things and personal effects that may have sentimental value to you and the family – pieces of furniture, family heirlooms, electronics and more.

While the damage has been done, companies like Austin Water Damage Restoration Service provides water damage restoration to items that have been destroyed by water either because of floods and pipe bursts.

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First and foremost, a water damage restoration expert wants to gauge the extent of the damage that happened to your property or item. In order to do that, they follow some criteria to determine whether the item or items can be salvageable or not.


After assessing water damage, our experts determine whether the property or item can be restored or if it is best to just replace it. Austin Water Damage Restoration Service will give you the pros and cons of having it restored but if we really think it’s not going to be feasible to restore it, we will inform you outright rather than lead you on and let you spend hundreds of dollars for a restoration that can’t be done. We value our clients and we want to make sure that they can trust us when we make this call. However, we will still give you the liberty to check with other water damage restorers and if they say they can do so, we will be glad to hand the item over and wish you good luck!

For any water damage, acting promptly is the key to ensure that the items can still be salvaged. Do not delay if you wish to have an item restored because a water damage left for a few days can cause financial burdens and also potential health risks to you and your family.

Collecting Water
Water Damaged Ceiling

Amount of Property Damage

Austin Water Damage Restoration Service needs to assess how much of the property has been damaged. They need to make sure that there is still enough of the original material for them to work on and be able to restore an item before agreeing to the restoration.

If a company says yes instantaneously to the restoration without giving it a full assessment, you should think twice before giving them the job because rather than restoring it, they might even cause further damage to the item.

Degree of Contamination

Apart from the extent of the damage, experts also need to inspect the degree of contamination to the item or property. Austin Water Damage Restoration Service is honest and will inform clients outright when the contamination has reached the core of the item. They may be able to restore it but since the contamination has seeped in, it will not be advisable to do the restoration because, in the long run, the contaminants might pose a danger to the family or person who would be using it.


Here at Austin Water Damage Restoration Service, we have become experts in installing, repairing and maintaining water structures and fixtures giving you the ideal residential and commercial experience for your time and space. Our service areas include Austin and its nearby areas.


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