Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer

The Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer is a prominent public art installation located in Austin, Texas. The sculpture, entitled “Forever Bicycles,” was created by the renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei and is part of a series of similar installations around the world. The sculpture has become a popular attraction in Austin, drawing visitors from all over to admire its beauty and thought-provoking design.


The Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer consists of approximately 1,200 bicycles arranged in a towering, labyrinthine structure. The bicycles, all identical in size and color, are stacked and interlocked in a way that creates a sense of movement and fluidity. The result is a stunning visual display that is both awe-inspiring and mesmerizing. Visit the website


The sculpture is said to be a commentary on the rapid pace of social and economic change in China and the world at large. The bicycles, which were once a common mode of transportation in China, represent the country’s industrialization and modernization, as well as the challenges and changes that come with progress. The labyrinthine structure of the sculpture is also said to represent the complexity of modern society and the challenges of navigating an increasingly interconnected world.


The Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer was first exhibited in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2011, as part of an exhibition entitled “Ai Weiwei Absent.” Since then, the sculpture has been exhibited in several other cities around the world, including London, Toronto, and Miami. In 2017, the sculpture was acquired by the Contemporary Austin, a nonprofit art museum in Austin, and installed on the museum’s grounds as part of its permanent collection.


The Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer is located on the grounds of Contemporary Austin’s Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park, which is situated on a picturesque 14-acre site along the shores of Lake Austin. The park features several other large-scale sculptures by prominent contemporary artists, as well as a variety of trails and walking paths that wind through the natural landscape.


Visitors to the Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer can experience the sculpture up close by walking through its labyrinthine structure, taking in its stunning visual display from multiple angles. The sculpture is open to the public seven days a week during daylight hours, and admission is free. The Contemporary Austin also offers a range of educational programs and events related to the sculpture and its artist, including talks, workshops, and tours.


The Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer has had a significant impact on the Austin community, serving as a symbol of the city’s vibrant arts scene and its commitment to public art. The sculpture has become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, drawing thousands of visitors each year and contributing to the city’s economy. In addition, the sculpture has sparked conversations and debates about the role of art in society, as well as issues related to globalization, urbanization, and the environment.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting

When visiting the Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Wear comfortable shoes: The sculpture is situated on a natural landscape with trails and walking paths, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes that can handle uneven terrain.
  • Respect the artwork: The sculpture is a work of art that has been created with great care and attention to detail. Visitors should treat it with respect and avoid touching or climbing on it.
  • Bring a camera: The sculpture is a beautiful work of art that is sure to inspire awe and wonder. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the experience and share it with others.
  • Check the weather: The sculpture is located outdoors, so it’s important to check the weather before visiting. In the event of inclement weather, the sculpture may be closed for safety reasons.
  • Be mindful of others: The sculpture is a public space that is enjoyed by many people. Be mindful of others and avoid blocking paths or disrupting others’ experiences.
  • Take advantage of educational opportunities: The Contemporary Austin offers a range of educational programs and events related to the sculpture and its artist. Take advantage of these opportunities to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the artwork. Get more info
  • Respect the environment: The sculpture is located on a natural landscape, so it’s important to respect the environment and avoid littering or damaging the landscape in any way.

By keeping these tips in mind, visitors can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting the Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer in Austin, Texas.

Overall, the Outdoor Sculpture of David Strohmeyer is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Austin. Its stunning visual display, thought-provoking design, and powerful message make it a unique and memorable work of public art that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who experience it.

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