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Water Damage Restoration of Austin employs experienced local professionals who await your call whether you require mold inspection, water damage restoration, or mold remediation.

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Our emergency service is accessible around-the-clock, and we typically respond to any emergency mold problem in less than an hour.

Thanks to our mold removal Austin firm, many residents were able to get their houses cleaned and safe once again.

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What Is Mold Removal in Austin?

The process of removing mold is called mold remediation. You can do this using various techniques, such as soap and water, mold removal products, or professional mold remediation companies. If you’re looking for mold remediation in Austin, TX, contact us today!

Health Risks

Mold can cause various severe health issues, such as respiratory issues, allergies, and even skin infections; thus, mold treatment and odor removal services in your home are crucial.

Damage to Your House

Furthermore, mold can harm your house by causing structural damage and leaving an unpleasant odor behind. As a result, it is crucial to act immediately with the proper construction services if you suspect mold in your house.

The sooner you begin the mold remediation procedure, the less likely you will experience any health or property damage. It’s also best to prevent mold growth as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation Services in Central Austin

In Austin, the summers are long and warm, with high humidity and tropical rainfall, which often creates the ideal environment for mold growth.

Additionally, it can take some time before you notice the mold or the unpleasant odor it produces.

Therefore, if you haven’t had a mold inspection or assessment performed in your home, or you haven’t had one in a while and have reason to assume that you and your family have mold allergies, we highly recommend scheduling an inspection with one of our reliable and certified technicians.

Removing Mold

Getting rid of any mold growth as soon as you see it is essential. If left unattended, your family members or employees may experience serious health issues, and your house or business structure may need hefty repairs.

We always start every mold remediation system with an advanced building mold inspection.

This allows us to determine the following:

  • The location of the mold
  • The reason for the mold damage
  • The type of mold we need to deal with (i.e., black or toxic mold)
  • What the best mold treatment is for your specific circumstances

More About Us

We only work with trustworthy inspectors. Those who will arrive at your home on time and courteously won’t pressure you into signing a contract with us for either commercial or residential mold removal.

Here are a few more benefits and reasons why you should work with us as we continue to give our clients the superior mold testing service they deserve.

Removal Process

Any water removal process always starts with the following:

Depending on the size of the home and/or the severity of the mold infestation, the on-site evaluation of your home or business may take up to two to three hours.

Before our entire team offers further service, you will be notified of the suggestions and costs following the initial inspection.

Skilled Professionals

Right from the start, our highly skilled and professional team will work with you to ensure you have all the information you need to remove mold in your home and improve indoor air quality.

How Much Does a Mold Remediation Service Cost?

With the help of our inspection, you will be able to pinpoint the exact infected areas, the necessary treatments, and the associated costs.

If insurance coverage is involved, we can usually provide you with a free estimate for the expected insurance company.

This report has been specifically created to address your individual needs and has been clearly explained to ensure that you can make an informed choice.

All of our staff members are available to help if you need anything.


The Types of Mold Growth

Mold types that are often discovered inside include:

  • Chaetomium

  • Fusarium

  • Aspergillus

  • Alternaria

  • Aureobasidium

  • Trichoderma

  • Cladosporium

  • Penicillium

  • Serpula lacrymans

  • Ulocladium

If mold spores are present in your home, they most likely belong to one of the above categories.

We have to inspect and clean up to determine whether the material contains mold and what kind of mold it is. This test will undoubtedly reveal the actual composition of the greenish-black substance in your residence or business.

Our experts use UVC lights and EPA-registered disinfectants when removing the fungus.

Water Damage

The Mold Removal and Remediation Process

When water losses are not dealt with right away and dry out quickly, they often result in secondary damage, including microbial growth, which causes structural components to lose their shape and affects indoor air quality.

Poor Air Quality

Unfortunately, poor air quality can cause significant respiratory and health problems among home residents. IICRC-certified Austin mold removal companies adhere to industry standards while they remove mold and restore the property to its pre-loss state.

Our team will put engineering controls and containment into place once we have planned our course of action to prevent mold cross-contamination to sections of a facility that are not affected. They achieve this using HEPA air filtration systems.

Numerous factors can lead to mold damage:

  • Construction defects

  • Plumbing failures

  • Appliance water line or drain line breaks

  • Improper maintenance

  • Weather/Storms/Hurricanes

  • When water or mold damage occurs, it must be dried or remediated as quickly as possible.

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